The One to One Project Team are delighted to have been awarded continuation funding from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Programme for a further five years, totaling a staggering £375,000!

The news came following a lengthy application process in which we were able to outline our plans for the next five years. Most importantly, our success means that we now have the security to continue to deliver long-term support services and provide vital stability for our clients, at a time when their mental health difficulties often leave them feeling vulnerable or unsafe.  It will also enable us to expand our community outreach working, reaching more marginalised adults across West Norfolk, and establish partnership work that we hope will facilitate timely access to appropriate support options.

Our 25 strong team of counsellors and mentors were absolutely delighted. Their commitment and dedication to their work at the One to One Project has been unwavering and we are so grateful to them all. It is always a worrying time when big funding applications are submitted but i am  delighted to be able to share the good news with them and continue to support them in providing such excellent services.

The One to One Project provides free long-term Counselling, Mentoring and Group Work services to a vast number of clients with complex mental health needs. It aims to embed support within an individual’s day to day life, ensuring that their unique experience of mental health difficulties does not become a barrier to everyday opportunities, employment and relationships. With this in mind, we try our best to tailor support to an individual’s specific needs. For those who have to wait for support, we make available an Engagement Group, that offers a facilitated peer support to bring people together and reduce experiences of loneliness and isolation.

Fundraising must still go on to cover the 30% shortfall and to continue to be able to meet a growing demand. Awareness of mental health has benefited from some high profile campaigning in recent months and we are keen to ensure that we can keep pace with the need for support, as more people find the courage to request it.  Our thanks goes to National Lottery players for making grants like this possible and for positively enhancing the lives of so many people.

For further information about what we do and how to refer, as well as how you can donate or volunteer with the project, please contact us on 01553 770770 or E-mail

One to One Project receives Big Lottery Funding