These testimonials are from past clients of One to One Project and were received via our feedback process. All testimonials have been used anonymously and with permission:

Feeling More Confident

Very Welcoming & Quickly Felt at Ease
“I was quite nervous about attending because I didn’t know what to expect but I was made very welcome and quickly felt at ease.”

Welcoming & Friendly
“They were welcoming, friendly and offered a variety of services.”

Extremely Thankful
“I am extremely thankful to One to One Project. Without the project I would not have had access to counselling due to financial constraints. When I contacted the service I was drinking heavily, on antidepressants, depressed and unable to work. Now I am medication free, drinking far less and have completed an access to HE Certificate. I am starting an English Literature degree in September.”

I Feel More Confident
“I feel more confident to move on with my life plus I am now able to monitor my diet better.

More Faith in Myself
“I learnt to have more faith in myself, believing I am as good as anyone else.”

I Feel Better About Myself
“I feel better about myself, I realise that I am individual, I deserve to speak up and be more assertive.”

Thank You
“To my Volunteer and the One to One Team, thank you for helping me find the way out of the darkness.

I Am Now Truly A Different Person
“I am now truly a different person to when I first came in every aspect and it will stay with me and remind me as I go through each day.

My Future Looks Happier
“My future looks happier.

Extremely Safe & Friendly Environment
“The One to One Project is an extremely safe, friendly environment which has helped me to overcome the shame and stigma of emotional and mental health.”

A Vital Function Offering Long Term Support
“This service performs a vital function, offering long term support to vulnerable clients where we can only offer short term interventions – (IAPT referrer).”