What is the lotus programme?

The lotus programme is a programme designed for survivors of sexual violence. It is holistic in nature meaning that it draws from a variety of support  including counselling, group work, psychoeducation and creative arts group.

We believe that you decide how you want your support to look to aid your recovery and therefore we offer 12 weeks one to one counselling which can be extended to 24 weeks. This can be accessed through face to face, telephone or by video via a zoom link.

We have a support group called “together group” that is run as a support extension to the counselling, this group will help you develop strategies to manage things such as triggers, flashbacks and emotional deregulation. It will also develop skills such as listening and speaking, sets up peer support as well as networking.

The psychoeducation workshops will aid you in knowledge around such issues as trauma and what happens when you are in trauma, shame and working with shame, human relationships etc… our full range od workshops can be accessed here

Finally we have a creative arts group which will be run face to face which will work with more practicalities such as breathing, mindfulness, guided meditation and use of art, colour symbology etc………

You decide how much or little you want to do

Why a lotus?

For 3,000 years, Lotus flowers have been cultivated for their beauty, fragrance, and medicinal qualities, but it is the purple lotus that is most sought for its many unusual qualities. A lotus flower, in general, symbolizes fertility, compassion, spiritual enlightenment, impurity

The eight-petal lotus is shown as purple and represents Buddha’s eightfold path to the noble truth, also known as the path to self-awakening. It is represented by the eight petals and how the lotus flower grows from first the deep mud to the sunlight, and then blooming for three days is a beautiful fragrant purple flowers

The purple lotus, in particular, is unique, and the colour changes according to the sunlight, the moonlight, and the temperature. This gives it a glowing and magical effect of transformation. The purple lotus Because of its association with the path,

is viewed as mystical and spiritual.

 Purple lotus flowers generally represent spiritual awakening, purity, and faithfulness. This belief roots from the fact that lotus flowers emerge from muddy waters. For Buddhists, that means the act of rising above despite the challenges and moving towards the light of wisdom.. the lotus therefore holds the keys to creativity, royalty, dignity, extravagance, and wisdom.

This is a face to face group that will run every Thursday 10.30-12.30